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Monday, June 19, 2023

Tales From The Field Weekly Wrap Up for the Week of 06-12-2023 Cooking, Father's Day, & the Shrinking Household

 Hello Dear Reader! This past week was a busy one.  As we've started to settle into the new house we are transitioning from eating out or having meals delivered, to knowing where the pots & pans are so we can cook again.

I made a really nice beef stew and butter chicken from scratch.  My family is full of picky eaters, so the true litmus test of any meal is the answer to the question, "Is this make it again good?".  The answer to both of those dishes was a resounding yes from even my pickest of eaters.  There was one hold out on the butter chicken, but after a rousing review from the rest of the household my son Will tried it with all of the lack-luster enthusiasm of a 5 year old being told to "eat their vegitables".

I was asleep when he made it home from work and heated it up, but the lack of leftovers in the morning told me I could hang the "Mission Accomplished" banner.

This past Sunday was Fathers Day here and in many countries around the world.  It was a great day over here at Casa Ball.  My Mom, Dad, Mother-in-law, little Sister, beautiful Wife, & the kiddos all went to brunch, we watched a Cubs game (to bad they didn't win), and I grilled out burgers. Also our household and my buddy Neeraj Jhaveri (Twitter | @Neeraj_Jhaveri) put together some videos for you all.

Here's one from my family.

Here's one from Neeraj.

And a big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dad and the role models guiding people out there!  Your impact will be felt for generations and is essential to all those that you care for.

Father's day brings the realization closer to home that our household is shrinking.  My youngest is off to visit her Mom until early August and my oldest is off to Summer classes at college.  In the Fall my daughter will be back, but my youngest son goes off to college several hours away.  There is a bitter sweet feeling to all of this.  We've done our jobs properly.  The kiddos are starting to be off in the world.  I will need to figure out how to make smaller portions or have more people over for dinner!

All this to say, I remember when they were little and they wanted your attention non-stop.  If you have kids that are those ages appriceate those times, they will pass by before you know it.  But there are many new adventures still to be had, look forward to those as well.

Alright Dear Reader, let's get to that content!

MONDAY 6/12/2023

On Monday Neeraj Jhaveri released his first SOLO video Microsoft Fabric Decision Trees, Deciding Which Service to USE!!

In this video he walks through some of the documentation that we have for Microsoft Fabric to help you understand what services you should use based on your specific skill sets!

WEDNESDAY 6/14/2023

On Wednesday we posted my latest video Microsoft Fabric, Notebooks, Spark, Writing New Tables to our Lakehouse, & Baseball! I doned my trusty Microsoft Zune t-shirt and walked through how to take data in our Lakehouse that we've created using a shortcut so we do not have data duplication, and then how I walk through some data exploration and write out a data frame as a table in my Lakehouse!

I use this to determine the best day of the week to see my favorite baseball team play, the Chicago Cubs.  The key to this is invoking your imagination to see what it possible when using the service.  If you get a chance I hope you will check it out!

TUESDAY 6/13/2023

On Tuesday we had our Azure Data Community Round Table! It was another great show with my colleauges.

As always the STAR of this show is the creators from the Azure Data Community.  Here is the content in order of appearence: 


Announcing Microsoft Fabric capacities are available for purchase | Microsoft Fabric Blog | Microsoft Fabric  by Mihir Wagle (he/him) Twitter @Ravskkaur


Working with ALS – ALS Awareness Month 2023  by Steve Hughes Twitter  @DataOnWheels via @SQLServerCentrl


Hybrid Flexibility in Azure SQL Managed Instance   by Rie Merrit Twitter @IrishSQL


Foldable SQL Regions   by Jess Pomfret Twitter @jpomfret


Synapse Real-Time Analytics: Discovering the best ways to get data into a KQL database  by Anshul Sharma Twitter @anshuldsharma


Azure chaos STUDIO  by Arun Sirpal  


T-SQL Tuesday #163 Invitation – What is the best piece of Career Advice you ever received  by Gethyn Ellis Twitter @gethyn_ellis


Announcing a general Availability of SQL Bindings for Azure Functions     by Drew Skwiers-Koballa Twitter @SysAdminDrew


Things to Do for Father’s Day: 20 Fun Ideas   by Alison Ensign  Twitter @FamilySearch


Get skilled on Microsoft Fabric – the AI-powered analytics platform  by Shannon Lindsay Twitter  @shan_gsd


PostgreSQL Tutorial for beginners   by Daniel Calbimonte Twitter @SQLShack


Create Your Own Microsoft Fabric Environment  by Kevin Chant Twitter @kevchant


Ok Dear Reader, don't forget we have our Azure Data Community Round Table at 1 PM EST on Tuesday, and today Daniel Taylor (@DBABulldog | Twitter) will have his latest MS Tech Bits posted at 12 PM EST today!!  SECURE Azure SQL Managed Instance Backups with Azure Storage Private Endpoints!! 

Make sure to check that out when it is LIVE.  I hope your weekend was wonderful, if you have something you did that was awesome sound off in the comments!  I love to hear from you.

As always Dear Reader, Thank You for stopping by.