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Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Half a Year in Review

I'm looking back and looking forward at the same time.  We're about halfway up the mountain, a lot has been accomplished and more is on the horizon.  And as long as we stay on track, the view at the top is going to be spectacular.

7.       MCITP DBA SQL 2008
a.        Still sitting at the same certification levels.  It doesn’t cost a lot of money, but I don’t want to spend the money until I’ve achieved the biggest goal on my list.  Still should have this taken care of before the end of the year.  But I ranked these backwards from least to most important.
6.       MCITP DBA Developer SQL 2008
a.     I’ve got the book, I’m reading and studying for the first one.  But this is in the same boat as number 1, the house, the dog, then the certifications.
5.       13 T-SQL Tuesdays
a.     I’ve missed 3 this year so the best I can do is 10 at this point.  I’ve gotten so busy with projects in and out of work that the second Tuesday of the month just keeps sneaking up on me.  I’ve got a reminder set in my calendar so I can start again next month.  This was a exercise to get me blogging more, to get into the practice of it, and it sure has helped! I know at this point it doesn't look good 2 put off, 1 not  going to happen, but never fear Dear Reader the best is still ahead!

4.       40 Blog Posts
a.     DONE!  And this was the goal for the YEAR!  I have a feeling we are just getting started.  We’ve got some great things cooked up for SQL Saturday 85, and the PASS Summit is yet to even happen.  And Thank You Dear Reader for stopping by!

3.       6 Presentations to the SQL Community
a.     DONE!  SQL Saturday 62 (January), MAGICPass (February), OPASS (March), PASS DBA Virtual Chapter (March), SQL Saturday 74 (April), SQL RALLY!!!! (May), I took June & July off, but planned for this year August 9th OPASS, SQL Saturday 79 (Submitted, August 13th),  Pragmatic Works Webinar (August 23rd), SQL Saturday 85 Orlando (September 24th Submitted), PASS Summit 2011!!! (October), SQL Saturday 86 Tampa BI Edition (November 5th Submitted).  Six presentations already and if I’m accepted at all of the SQL Saturdays I submitted to I’ll end up with 12.  WOW, better than I could have imagined
2.  MCM Prep
a. This is a constant and never ending effort to learn.  There is so much to learn about SQL.  Every year that I’ve spent as a DBA I look back on the previous year and think, “Wow I can’t believe I didn’t know that”.   If you ever make it to my desk you will see that for the last 3 jobs I’ve got a stack of flash cards.  I constantly keep blank ones there and work up questions.  I could get multiple flash card from the MCM video’s that SQL Skills did for Microsoft, another from a great question of the day on SQL Server Central, another from a PASS Virtual Chapter Webinar.  My list of flash cards is always growing, and my Prep is only beginning.  I don’t know that this will truly ever be Done, but I’ve benefited greatly just from taking a stab at it.
1.   A House and a Dog
a. This by far is the most important goal.  To have a home and a yard for the kids, and not to move them all over the place any more.  That was the whole point of the move to Florida, to put down roots and stay in one place.  So to that end we found a House!  We’re going through the process and should be closing before the End of July (Crossing toes, fingers, and any other body part that will cross).  We’ve found a great Lab rescue group that we have worked with, had our home visit, and gotten approved.  The only thing we are waiting on for the Dog is to have a house that we can all spread out in.

I had said in a previous Blog that if getting a House and a Dog was the only thing that we accomplished this year it would be a win.  This house is about much more than setting a goal or marking a check box from a list.  I fumble at the words to even describe how important this is, but I know it in my heart.  I feel it in my bones.  This is the biggest and the best one of the year!

So Two done, one that won’t happen, and everything else is in flight.  Not bad.  Hopefully the next update on goals will be soon!