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Monday, April 17, 2023

Tales From The Field Weekly Wrap Up for the Week of 04-10-2023, Taylor Swift, & The Disney 10 Miler

 Hello Dear Reader!  Last week was a really busy week with an even busier weekend.  We will get to the show recap's in a moment but first let's dive into the weekend.

Months ago my wife & youngest son worked together to get Taylor Swift tickets for this past weekend.  I've enjoyed quite a few songs of Taylor's, but live music isn't really my thing.  My wife loves it.  She had a career working in radio and she was the planner & show runner for many many live music concerts.  She "makes" me go with her.  

To be honest I always have a great time, but it is not something I seek out for myself.  So when Sue & William were excitingly explaining to me over dinner how they were able to secure 3 tickets my first thought was they were taking my sister Julie or my youngest daughter Serenity (both of whom would have fought me..... and probably won... to get these tickets).  It was not Julie or Serenity.  It was me.

Don't get me wrong, I was happy to suggest they offer up the ticket to someone else.  Heck, I got us a really great hotel room at the Tampa Edition.  It had a Michelin star chef.  An amazing bar, a welcome cocktail with a lavender spritz and their gin brewed specifically for the hotel, not to mention a Rum bar, and to top it all off an in house spa.

My offer was that they could go to the show, I would go to the spa and get a massage, go to one of the restaurants and eat some food, go to the bar and get some drinks, then head to the pool where they had a pool side bar, take a nap, wake up, go grab some more drinks, and wait for them to get back so they could tell me all about it.

As you can tell from the pictures my offer was refused.  We had a great time.  There were songs we sang along to, that we danced to, and it was a spectacle.  It cannot be said that Ms. Swift puts on one helluva show.  She performed for 3 hours straight and sang 44 songs from 9 different albums and 2 surprisesongs.

On Saturday morning we woke up, had a really nice brunch at The Pearl and made our way back to Orlando so I could pick
up my race packet for the Run Disney 10 Miler.  I will be honest Dear Reader, I forgot I signed up for this race until the week before.

I have picked my running back up post injury, but had not been training on longer races.  Normally my long Disney Races are half marathon's, 13.1 miles or 21 K, this was a 10 mile run or roughly 16K.

Those 3.1 Miles or extra 5 K's make a difference.  Seriously.  That is normally the part of that race where I hit a wall.  Not literally.  In running when you hit a wall is a condition of sudden fatigue and loss of energy which is caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles.  It makes that the most difficult portion of the race.

By not hitting that wall I was never truly fatigued during the race.  I was able to keep my run-walk-run-walk method going and averaged 8 minutes per kilometer and finished in 2 hours and 11 minutes. 

At home we my lovely wife was home busily preparing for my Mother-In-Law's 77th birthday!!  I love my Mother-In-Law Judy.  She is an incredible woman.  My brother's-In-Law, my nieces, and one of my nephews made it over.  However the star of the show was my baby grand-niece.  No pictures, but she is the most beautiful and adorable little girl.  She is six months old and in a very fun phase where she is not yet walking, but alert, attentive, and very opinionative.  You knew what she liked and didn't like!  The party was great and seeing family was the cherry on the cake.  

Like I said, busy weekend.  Now let's recap last week!!

WEDNESDAY 4-12-2023

On Wednesday we dropped the demo heavy companion to last weeks video SQL Server Internals: HEAPS VS. CLUSTERED INDEXES!

This was a really fun video to make, and I'm hard at work on this weeks content which will be a fun video about Azure SQL and how it utilizes space.

TUESDAY 4-11-2023
Tuesday was a great show.  We started off the Community Round Table with a side conversation about being a parent and giving the magic of wonder to our children.  Josh Luedeman (Twitter | @JoshLuedeman) reminisced about Castle Greyskull with me from our childhood.  Neeraj Jhaveri (Twitter | @Neeraj_Jhaveri) talked about when he gave his kids the gift of iPhones!  Andres Padilla (Twitter | @nodestreamio) talked about an AMAZING Christmas where his father hung his the Star Wars ships he received from the ceiling like they were flying!

We also covered AMAZING Azure Data Community content from the creators.  Here's the content in order of appearance:


Using Azure Data Factory to read and process REST API datasets by Rayis Imayev Twitter  @RayisImayev 




EightKB Topics  by Andrew Pruski Twitter  @dbafromthecold 

Understanding Chaos Engineering by John Engel-Kemnetz Twitter @jkemnetz 

Armchair Architects: Data Mesh Architecture by David Blank-Edelman Twitter @otterbook  

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot – your copilot for work  by Jared Spataro Twitter @jared_spataro 

How to work with ChatGPT in Visual Studio Code  by Daniel Calbimonte via SQL Server Central Twitter  @dcalbimonte  @SQLServerCentrl 



As we wrap things up a quick programming note.  We will be dropping an MS Tech Bits video TODAY on Cost Management by Neeraj & Andres!  Make sure to check that out when it goes live.

Tomorrow we have our Community Round Table show Live at 1 PM EST.  On Wednesday I will be with you for an MS Tech Bits on Azure SQL Database Shrinking Operations for Data & Log Files. 

We hope you have a wonderful week and make some time to hang out with us Dear Reader, if you did anything fun this weekend I'd love to hear from you!

As always Dear Reader, Thank you for stopping by.