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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Presenting At MAGICPass Tonight!

I'll be presenting at MAGICPass tonight, starting at 6:30!  The subject is Page and Row Compression How, When, and Why.  I blogged about this topic previously, and have presented this recently for SQL Saturday 62 and internally for my friends at Publix. 

If your interested in a preview of the topic Click Here.  I submitted this presentation to SQL Rally, and blogged about it for the voting process.  I got selected as an Alternate for the Rally, which I'm still really excited about this was the first big conference that I've submitted to, and my Peers did the voting, which doubles the honor.

I'll be posting the slide deck after the presentation as well as some of the T-SQL Demo's behind it.  There will be a couple pieces of code that I explore further. 

If you are in the Orlando Area and would like to stop by we would love to have you. To get information on the MAGICPAss Event Click Here to RSVP.

But Dear Reader, Wait there's more!

If you arrive to the event early around 5:00 pm then you'll get to see Andy Warren (Blog|Twitter).  Here is the abstract for Andy's presentation

Basics of Performance Tuning - Part 1 Speaker: Andy Warren
In part one of our three part class on performance tuning you'll learn how to use Profiler, the tool that ships with SQL Server that is used to monitor SQL statements sent to the server. We'll show you how to start a Profiler session, set up the most common events, columns, and filters, and how to create a template so you can easily use the same settings each time. We'll explain how to assess the cost of a query by looking at reads, writes, cpu time, and duration. We'll finish up by showing you how to set up a server side trace - think of it as Profiler without the UI. Knowing how to use Profiler is critical for a Dba, and incredibly useful for a developer.

If you know Andy, you know he is a great guy.  Andy is one of the Co-Founders of SQL Server Central, he currently sits on the Board of Directors for PASS, he help create, found, and has attended many SQL Saturday's, and has tirelessly devoted his time to the SQL Community.  Andy is a world class presenter and if you can make it in it will be well worth your time!

Well Dear Reader I hope to see you there!