Sunday, November 7, 2010

1st Blog, 1st Post - Why the name SQL Balls

First I'd like to say Hi and if you are reading this YAY!!! (mini dance in celebration of your visit).   This is my first go at a blog, I've been a SQL Database Administrator for a while now, and I've read a lot of blogs and thought now was time to jump in and join the fray.

My name is Bradley Ball, and where ever I went people always tried to give me nicknames but the only one that ever stuck was Balls, in high school, or in college, when I worked with the Guys in the Army, at the Office of the President... wait they just called me Brad, and my fantasy football leauge.  So Balls is the only name that has ever stuck, and being a SQL Server DBA I figured SQLBall's it would be.

So a little about my background, I've got my MCITP SQL 2005 DBA & MCTS SQL 2008 DBA certifications.  I got my 2005 certs while working as a contractor to the U.S. Army and my 2008 cert while working as a contractor for the Executive Office of the President.  During that time I don't think I would have felt comfortable having a blog, but I have left the world of Government contracting to work in the private sector for Publix Supermarkets, this year.

I've worked in a lot of different environments and I'm continually amazed by how much there is to learn about SQL Server and how it can be implimented, maintained, and troubleshooted.  If your a SQL Proffessional I hope that I can post something that I've found along the way that can help you, as I've found so many great proffessionals out there blogging and sharing thier knowledge as well.

So Thanks for visiting, I'm going to follow up with a couple posts on Dynamic Scripts that I've been working on as well some work on Transparent Data Encryption that I've been doing.

Thanks for Visiting!


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