Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PASS DBA Virtual Chapter: SQL Rally Preview

On March 23rd at 12 noon Eastern Coast Time, I'll be hosting the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter meeting, Click Here to for the DBA Virtual Chapter webpage that has the Live Meeting Link.

This presentation is sponsered by the Good People over at Idera, and has a sponsor based presentation, here's a little info on that.

"Bullett Manale, a sales engineering manager at Idera, will present various use-case scenarios for utilizing virtual databases. A virtual database is a software implementation of a database that allows for data and storage and retrieval but exploits the backup files rather than the data base itself."

I'll be presenting my SQL Rally Topic, Page & Row Compression How, When, and Why, I'll be changing up some of the Demo's a bit, so if your free hop in and get a preview for SQL Rally.

I've blogged about this topic in relation to my Presentations, and I'm getting to the point that I just need to do a Series on it.  But until that Series Dear Reader, if your curious to read a little more here are some of my previous posts on the topic.

Vote For SQL Rally! And Why you should vote for Page and Row Compression.

Happy Reading and I hope to see you online.



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