Friday, November 9, 2012

PASS Summit Page & Row Compression Deep Dive

Hello Dear Reader!  Today is the Big day for me here at the PASS Summit 2012.  I'll be presenting the Page & Row Compression Deep Dive today at 9:45 am until 11:00 am in room 305-TCC.

The last day of the Summit is upon us and with it almost over I get more an more anxious to get back home and see my family.  Soon we will be in the weekend and, for most of us, we will no longer be in Seattle.  I've got some good stuff that I'm cooking up just to make sure that you have plenty of compression goodness to play around with.

"So Balls", you say, "You did this presentation last year, why should I attend?"  

Great Question Dear Reader!  Away we go! .


First let's start with the abstract:

Page and row compression are powerful new tools. Introduced in SQL Server 2008 RTM and enhanced with Unicode compression in SQL Server 2008 R2, the compression tools now work with SQL Server 2012's spatial types. We can turn compression on, and we can turn it off – but we want more! 

What are access methods and how in the SQL Engine do they affect compression? What are the “gotchas” of page compression? How does compression differ in the way it treats leaf and non-leaf level pages? What additional functionality did we get in DBCC Page, DMVs, Perfmon Counters, and Extended Events to support compression? And how do complex query plans affect compression? Come to this session to find out!

There are a lot of very cool and deep things we did last year, but as the year goes along I keep trying to dig deep down and find some really cool stuff for us to look at.  The same thing is great but this year I want to push it even deeper.

I've got 3 things to tempt you Dear Reader:

1. We will go deeper into the structure of a record this year
2. We will discuss Mid & End Page Splits and What they mean for Compression
3. We will tackle Statistics in Compressed Indexes and how Page Compression attempts affect them.

I've got new demo's that I'll be rolling out.

My Slide deck and demo's are already live on the PASS Website click here to get them.  Here is a link on the Resources page for them as well, click here, and go down to the PAGE & ROW COMPRESSION DEEP DIVE header.  Under that I've got a section for PASS Summit 2012, the latest version of the slide deck as well as all of the demo scripts are there as well!

Have a great last day and safe travels home Dear Reader, I hope to see you this morning!



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