Monday, July 15, 2013

T-SQL Tuesday #44 Wrap UP

Hello Dear Reader, what a busy week we’ve had last week!  I’ve got 3 big Thank You’s that I would like to give. 

First off I’d like to say Thank You to Adam Machanic for allowing me to host T-SQL Tuesday #44.  When I first started blogging, I participated in T-SQL Tuesday to keep myself writing at least once a month.  Hosting one seemed like a very far off goal at the time.  Thank you Adam for coming up with the concept and helping to promote growth for all of us bloggers out there!

Secondly my SQL Family, SQL Friends, and fellow Bloggers.  Without you writing there is no content.  You put your hard earned time into this effort and I Thank you.  Not gonna like I’m getting a little verklempt! 

Lastly Dear Reader, Thank You.  Without you all we may as well not put words to digital paper.

The subject was Second Chances and I was very impressed with the blogs, all around great job everyone.   18 spectacular blogs all about different types of Second Chances.

Koen Verbeeck (@Ko_Ver | Blog) Wrote about free time on the job, and how he would approach it now vs. years ago.

Jes Schultz Borland (@grrl_geek | Blog) Blogs about her first experience with SQL Server Clustering and the lessions she’s learned along the way.  She also has the funniest picture of the day, I believe people stopped and looked at me as I laughed.

Steve, our resident Aussie/DBA in Exile, (Blog) talks to us about some of the many different mistakes made.  I believe my groan and the words “ouch” may have audibly escaped my lips stirring my cube mates when I read about the SAN bullet point.  Most importantly he reminds us to celebrate failure as well as success, and how to do it with a sense of humor.

Joey D’Antoni (@jdanton | Blog) A mountain of a man, with a stare that could straighten out T-SQL at 200 paces, tells us all about the moment you realize that you’ve done something wrong, and a time where a QA task was run, but not against QA.  Probably the best quote of the day goes to him “the bead of sweat moment”.  Beautiful description of a feeling that all of us have either had, or will have.

Oliver Asmus (@OliverAsmus|Blog) shares with us a story of woe when he was a Junior DBA.  It involves a Delete statement that has a where clause, but only the delete portion was highlighted.  The dreaded where clause, we know thee well.  Fortunately a Sr DBA was there to help out and Oliver adds some nice thoughts on explicit transactions.

The always excellent Robert Pearl (@PearlKnows|Blog) gives us some Pearls of Wisdom on sending emails.  In our youth we tend to fire them off rather quickly, sometimes that leads to trouble.  This is great advice for anyone in the business world with an email account!

Lance England (@LanceEngland|Blog) reminds us of all the things that can go wrong when we leave our cell phone at our desk during lunch….. and kick off a large update transaction on prod…… and do not execute a commit or rollback.  The most important part is once you make the mistake how you learn from it.

Stuart Moore (@napalmgram|Blog) reminds us that it isn’t just mistakes that we want a second shot at.  There are quite a few where you did a good or even great job but you know you could have done better with more time.

Martyn Jones (@MartynJones|Blog) Wrote his FIRST T-SQL TUESDAY Blog this week!  First off Thanks for Joining the Party Martyn!  Martyn takes us through an exercise in making sure you’re executing your code in the right environment.  Great Point!  I always like to check SSMS to validate my environment, once bitten twice shy.

The Editor and Chief of Steve Jones(@way0utwest|Blog) weighs in on SQL Slammer and the havoc that can be done by not patching.  Ahhh 2002, we all remember you well!


When you look at the people that participated this past month you see MVP’s, an MCM, Consultants, DBA’s, and none of us are perfect.  Mistakes are a part of life, and it isn’t the mistake that is important but how you handle it.

The next time you do I hope you remember that, take a deep breath, and just keep going.  That Second Chance to do things differently will be just around the corner.

As always Thanks for stopping by.



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