Thursday, September 26, 2013

Performance Tuning In LA!

Hello Dear Reader!  This year Pragmatic Works has brought our Performance Tuning Workshop to Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta.  Due to the success we've added one more stop before the end of the year, Los Angeles!

That's right Pragmatic Works is headed to the City of Angels on December 9th - 10th for two days of Deep Dives and Performance Tuning goodness.

"So Balls", you say "What will you be covering in you're Performance Tuning Workshop?"

Great question Dear Reader!  We start off our journey at the bottom talking about hardware, we discuss the details of CPU's, Memory, and Disks and how their throughput and proper configuration can prevent Hardware Bottlenecks.  We cover installing SQL Server talking about our Pre-Installation Check List and our Post Installation Checklist.

Then we tackle Data files, Round Robin and Proportional Fill, Partitioning, and Compression.  Next we dive into the Query Optimizer to discuss how the Relational Engine works and how it works with the Storage Engine, along the way we'll stop to look at Execution Plans and Plan cache.  From there we dive into the world of Indexes, covering what makes the best Clustered Index, Non-Clustered Indexes, Columnstore Indexes, Index Maintenance, Duplicate Indexes, Reverse Indexes, Unused Indexes, and Missing Indexes.

And that's just Day 1.  We've still got Locking, Blocking, Latches, Wait Stats, Baselines, Alerting, and Extended Events before we are through.

As a member of the class you will get all of our slide decks and Demo's to follow along and keep for yourself.  Lunch is also provided each day as well as coffee and donuts or bagels and muffins.

For all the details Click Here to go to the course outline.  Let's not forget that you get access to myself, and my co-Presenter for those two days.  You'll have a lot of questions, and during brakes and after the class you'll have access to us for Q & A.

Plus you'll get to network with other great folks from the SQL Community and your local SQL Server User Groups.


All this and I still haven't announced my co-Presenter for this yet!  We'll save that for another blog.

"So Balls", you say "Why are you being a tease?"

Yes, Dear Reader.  Shamelessly it is a tease, but I promise it will be worth it.

And now for one last shameless plug.  The price.  Two days of community, access to a top notch as yet to be announced speaker..... and me....., breakfast, lunch, and probably some swag all for $399.  Right now we also have an Early Bird rate until November 9th, it is only $299.


We are already actively planning our courses for next year Dear Reader.  As soon as I have the finalized schedule I will be posting it.  But right now we have NINE 2 day Workshops we are planning, FIVE 4 1/2 day virtual classes on Performance Tuning, and TWO 5 day week long Bootcamps that will be staffed by a couple SQL MVP's and an MCM.

We will be all over the US, hopefully in a city near you, and presented Virtually throughout the Globe.

Good stuff is coming and I'm very excited to be part of it!  As always Dear Reader, Thanks for stopping by.