Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SQL Saturday 85: Buck Woody is a Wanted Man

Hello Dear Reader!  SQL Saturday 85 coming to you from beautiful sunny Orlando Florida is just around the corner.  What better way to start of a Saturday then starting it on Friday!

“But Balls,” you say, “How do you start a Friday on a Saturday?”

You start it off with not One, but TWO Amazing Pre-Conference Seminars.  Today we will be discussing our DBA Pre-Conference Session with Microsoft's Buck Woody.


Microsoft’s Buck Woody(@buckwoody | Blog) is a wanted man.  He is a highly sought after speaker, he is a highly sought after consultant, and he is an educator in the ways of Database Information Systems, specializing in SQL Server.  He was a Microsoft MVP before he decided to go home to the mother ship and work for Microsoft as a Sr. Technology Specialist.   The man teaches Database Design for the University of Washington. 

If I wanted to go on even further I could mention the hundreds of published articles he has on SQL Server, I could name drop some of the conferences he has presented at in the past, TechEd, the PASS  Summit, or SQL Cruise just to name a few.  Perhaps I could tout his work in the SQL Community, serving as the President for the Tampa Bay SQL Server Users group for FIVE years.

Perhaps I could tell you about the prestigious places he’s worked, other than Microsoft, like when he was a contractor for NASA or the US Air Force.   Perhaps we could look at the multiple books that he has written, or the multiple certifications that he has obtained across multiple database platforms.  We could talk about his antics, his quick wit, his uncanny delivery that stems from his time in radio. 

However you want to spell it Buck Woody is a wanted man.  And I can tell you where he will be Dear Reader.  I can tell you exactly where he will be on Friday September 23rd from 9 am until 5 pm.  And I can tell you what he will be doing as well.  He will be doing one of the things that he does the very best.  He will be teaching.  And you Dear Reader, if you are lucky enough to attend you will be learning.

And what will you be learning about Dear Reader?  We’ll let’s get that straight from Buck.

There are a lot of resources, products and features you can use to tune the performance of your SQL Server system. Many assume you’re familiar with 400-level concepts, others don’t consider the whole stack of the client, the network, the operating system, platform and the database server. Buck Woody, Microsoft’s real-world DBA, will explain a simple, repeatable process you can follow to tune your entire application – from the client to the server. All of the tools we’ll cover are included with Windows and SQL Server:

·         Using Windows System Monitoring Tools

·         The SQL Profiler and Server Trace

·         Database Engine Tuning Advisor

In this pre-conference session you’ll cover not only the process, but also review a real-world evaluation. You’ll take home a system and a spreadsheet you can use to monitor and tune your applications, in a simple, easy-to-understand session.

But that’s not all, he’s not just going to be teaching about the subject.  He wants to give you hands on experience with it.  Not that long ago I received this email from Buck.

“Hello – thanks for signing up for the pre-conference session on SQL Server Performance Tuning. I’ve done quite a lot of speaking and teaching, and the most informative way for us to learn together is by working through some projects during the session. If you’re able, I’d like you to bring a laptop, a copy of SQL Server 2008 (Evaluation Edition is fine, Developer Edition is best) and the AdventureWorks sample database. You can learn more about that here: http://www.informit.com/guides/content.aspx?g=sqlserver&seqNum=286

Also, feel free to bring any performance questions you have. As always, make sure you protect your company’s private information, but we’ll work through some real-world issues in class, so feel free to share what you can.

See you there!


So you will have a full day with one of the best, brightest, and most respected in our field today.  But to add icing to the cake he wants you to bring a copy of a database and your computer so you can get some hands on training.

This isn’t just telling you what you need to do, and then you leave sitting in a situation at work thinking, “Man that Buck Woody Pre-Con was great!  Now if only I could remember what he said about that DMV!?”.  This is hands on training so you can go back to work and apply what you’ve learned right away.  Did I mention that it includes coffee, tea, and Lunch? 

Here is your chance Dear Reader, go sign up and we’ll see you there!  Click Here to Sign UP!



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