Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SQL Saturday 85: Pragmatic Works ONE NIGHT ONLY

We are in the final countdown to SQL Saturday 85, and everything is starting to come together.  Yesterday we discussed the DBA Pre-Con for SQL Saturday 85.  Today we will discuss the men from Pragmatic Works and the All Day Business Intelligence Workshop.   

“So Balls,” you say, “Give me One reason that I should attend the Business Intelligence Workshop?”

I can’t give you one Dear Reader, but I can give you four.


Mike Davis (@MikeDavisSQL | Blog) is a Sr. Consultant for Pragmatic Works.  Mike has been using SSIS to help people all over the US.  Mike has spoken at countless PASS events, and will be a speaker for the upcoming PASS Summit 2011.  Have I mentioned the books that he has written?  Also don’t miss out on his SQL Smackdown vs SSIS Session at SQL Saturday 85, how do you know you’ve got a great instructor?  When they know a technology so well they can have fun in any setting and still teach you at a deep technical level.

Bradley Schacht (@BradleySchacht| Blog) is a Consultant for Pragmatic works.  I met Brad at SQL Saturday 79 down in South Florida.  Brad has presented at multiple PASS events, Code Camps, SQL Lunch, and SQL Server User groups.  If you’ve been on you may have run into him helping in the forums or you may have ran into him in SQL Server  did I mention the book that he co-wrote as well, SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer. 

Kyle Walker (Blog) is a Consultant for Pragmatic Works.  Kyle has been very active in the community and is an active blogger on on  Kyle has presented for the Free Webinar Series that Pragmatic Works does, WEEKLY, as well as appearing at SQL Saturdays, and SQL Server User Groups. 

And last but certainly not least is Jorge Segarra (@SQLChicken | Blog).  Jorge is a Consultant for Pragmatic Works, that means that he doesn’t just preach BI, he uses BI.  In his spare time he’s the Dean of SQL University, which assembles the experts in our field to blog in a Semester Schedule for you to learn, did I mention that he is a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server?  Perhaps we could talk about his book, THE BOOK, on Policy-Based Management for SQL Server, or that he will be writing the SQL Bible for the newest version of SQL Server Denali.


These are some of the top guys in their field, covering the full Microsoft BI Stack from Beginning to End.  In a intimate setting were you will get a lot of one on one time, and the best part Dear Reader? 

When you have a group of instructors that know their material inside and out, and you have a setting like this you may learn some tips and tricks, because it is in the venues like this where you get to have the professionals go off script.  You learn what they learn.  You hear about their experiences in the field.

And maybe just maybe you find out some previews.  With Denali barrelling down upon us, and all of the major BI Initiatives that Microsoft will be offering up, this would be a good chance to ask some questions, and maybe see what our Professionals are running on thier laptops.

This is a day that you will not want to miss out on, Click Here to Sign Up for the BI Full Day Pre-con!  I hope to see you there, because this is going to be BAD@$$!



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