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Day 4 Summit Keynotes Live, DENALI HAS A NAME! SQL Server 2012!

Hello Dear Reader, this is my first live blogging.  I'm going to do this a little different, I'll be writting in reverse.  I owe you a blog on Day 3 and another lesson in Compression for SQL U, and they will be coming but for now the Keynote is about to begin for the opening day .  This will stay at the top, but I'll be bloggin in reverse order, so start from the bottom and scroll up to see the updates as they are posted.

Update 10:03

Ted is wrapping this out, he talks about how the community is essential to move this forward.  About how we could take the worlds data and use it immedieately.

1st half of the next Calendar we will have SQL Server 2012.  He plugs the next two days of Keynote sessions. 

Thank You to everyone for comming that wraps it up

Update 9:58

The Windows 8 Tablet is being demoed showing PowerView/Cresent!  It is completely Dynamic and internactive.

Ted thanks Amir for taking the stage.

Update 9:53

Amir starts talking about how if you use your data properly you can use it to tell a story.  That story is what is going on in your business, and that every business would want to know their own story by the data.

Yesterday they confirmed that they would be able to do Export to PowerPoint from Cresent/PowerView!

Now Amair is showing that Cresent/PowerView is going to work on a Windows 7 Phone, and it is fully functional! 

Wow so if your company goes with a Windows 7 phone you can use your self service BI on the Windows phone.  Now he is Demoing a PowerPoint on the IPAD 2.  He is now demoing PowerView on the Android Samsung Tablet.

Update 9:48

We continue on the Demo, there are a lot genera's to hop from, and it is very interestign to see how internactive this data is.

Amir said Samuel Jackson is no Tom Hanks, but Samuel L Jackson has the most gross ever, Ted cringes.  He doesn't know who Alan Richman is and why he is in so many high grossing power house movies.  He uses the data to show Alan is in all the Harry Potter and the first Die Hard movie.

Samuel L Jackson has twice as many movies as most actors.  The only Actor with more movies than Samuel L Jackson John Wayne.  Ha!  Nice funny demo with good interplay.

Update 9:43

Our Demo is going to come from Real Data with Cresent/Powerview from, one of my favorite movie sites, and they are owned by

He is showing the Cresent out lyers for what the number of movies and their sales in a scatter chart.   The top 2 outlyer's Computer Animation kids, and Comedy.  He uses the highlighting function in PowerView, and in comedy Meet the Focker's is the #1 comedy of all time according to the data by sales & profit.  He does a breakdown of the evolution of comedies by year and timeline.   He does a slicer that on different sales go tive us a card deck view by different profit margines.  

He shows how profit margine increases as Hollywood adopted BI, and could look at data like this, drawing quite a few laughs.

He shows how when Toy Story launched from 1995 on computer animation ruled the roost.  The most impressive thing is he did all that without touching the keyboard.  PowerView is very dynamic on what the user can do with the data.

Update 9:38

Because Data Explorer is a service and the data follows us in the Cloud, this data is mobile and available very quickly. 

tim and Nino leave the Stage and Ted returns.  Just an FYI this is code named "Data Explorer" in Azure Labs. 

Ted is talking about how this ties into Microsoft's Vision for Empouring all users through the tools they use every day.   We are discussing Self Service BI, how delivering this to the end user empowers them, and gives IT a greater roll in Governance.

He is building towards an anouncment, refrencing Cresent/Power View, PowerPivot, and mobile devices.  Ted is talking about how he used his mobile Windows Phone to look over his slide deck for today last night while he was out getting a coffee. 

He welcomes Amir Netz Technical Fellow to discuss Unlock New Insights, Anywhere.  Ted is discussing what it means to be a Technical Fellow.  Amir has a distingusihed career in BI.  "He was in BI  at Microsfot before we had a BI Stack."   With that Ted leaves the stage and turn's it over to Amir.

Update 9:31

They are now discussing what the datasets are that were brought in.  There are Bing Services will add refrence data for phone books, they are overlaying the number of High Schools within a 1 mile radious because teenagers like frozen yogurt.

I get the demographic information, however people are laughing because a demo where you track High Schooler's and where they are is a little creepy.   I get it professionally, but they should have done a different age segment.

The point is they are showing how actual Service Calls to Microsoft Applications will be able to be used to provide demographic information to provide analysis on the Azure Market Place.

Now they are using PowerPivot to pull down the information and using Sharepoint to make this available to many different users.  They were able to pull disparet datasources to determine the Shopping Centers that teenagers are most likely to shop at, and that is where the targeted location of the store should be.

Update 9:23

The demo is Hontoso Frozen Yogart to figure out the best location for their next store.   They got a SQL Azure Databae and got a normalized score about how their Stores are performing by profit.

They are extracting the data and they will use the Data Explorer to interface with that data, and then return highly relavent recommendations of what they should do next.  

He added an Excel spreadsheet of a list of Shopping Centers for the area.   He hit a button called Mashup, that will overlay the data on top of one another and start making comparisions.  There is a rank field called relative performance value.

Tim explains to us that Overlays are to the business world what Joins are for us DBA folk.  The Azure Marketplace has recommended some data that would show demographic information that would help with the decision.  Another Overlay/Join is done, and we now are starting to get recommendations.

We made a 3 way join against Excel, Azure, and the Marketplace in very little time.

Update 9:18

Ted is talking about how we integrate media from disparet sources.  Data Quality Services, Family Data, reference Data, Weather & Climate, Health and wellness, and much more all available via the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft's Vision, being able to Enrich your data with the world's data using "Decision Engines", Empower developers to build new services and applications, offer a Vibrant marketplace ecosystem for the World's Data.

Our next demo is SQL Data Explorer.  He welcomes Tim Mllalieu and Nino Bice to the stage.   We are looking at SQL Azure Labs, it looks a lot like Windows 8 or the current Windows Phone.

Update 9:13


He is a web admin who wants to monitor his trafic.  The solution, Hadoop on Windows Cluster.  He starts showing us HiveQL a query that is similar to Java that will run against Hadoop on Windows Server.  

The Hadoop console is basically the command line.   He's telling us about the millions of rows that his multi-node cluster is processing along.   He wants to figure out a better way to see this data.  His connector of choice?  PowerPivot for Excel using the Hadoop conectors that are available now.

He pulls it all down, and shows us one of the workbooks that are coming with PowerPivot Denali.  He's joining this data against SQL Server, and Azure Market place data.

He's showing us the data about people hitting this website, by language.   He now switches over to Sharepoint to show us the server that he is running.   The report refresh took an hour, he is demoing how when you write a report and post it on Sharepoint, it will continue to refresh from disparet datasources and become something a business can rely on.

Ted Thanks Denny and Denny leaves the stage.

Update 9:08

Horton Works is taking the experts that help Google solve it's problems and brought them together.  He believes that Hadoop could be storing 1/2 the world's data in 3 years.   He is discussing working with other companies and that hortonworks will be working to expand this use.

This is an Open Source Community project.  Eric is very excited that they SQL Server community and all of our activitiy could be providing feed back to this project.

Eric Thanks us all and leaves the stage.

Now Denny Lee, a Principal Program Manager for the SQL Server team, is coming on stage next to discuss Activating New Types of Data. 

Denny takes the stage and ask's if we are ready for some Demo's!  YES! He says not yet.

Update 9:03

He is talking about participating in the Apache Program.  To make sure that SQL interfaces with it in the best way.


  • Apache Hadoop-based distribution for Windows Server and Windows Azure
  • ODBC Driver and Add-in for Excel, both for Apache Hive
  • JavaScript Framework for Hadoop
  • SQL Server and SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse connectors for Apachee Hadoop

The other Announcement, they have formed a partnership with Horton Works.  He just welcomed Erick Baldeschwieler the CEO of Horton Works to the stage to talk about the partnership.

Where would you see or know Hadoop, that is the back end for Google!  This is big!

Update 8:58

He is pointing out
  • 40% Data growth rate
  • 15 out of 17 business sectors have more data sotred per company than the US Library of Congress
The vision going forward is in 3 points.

Manage and Process all types of data, mission criticle scale from on premises to cloud, Common management and development between SQL Server and SQL Azure.

We are discussing Big Data now.  Here is how he is defining it.

  • Large Data Volumes
  • Traditional and non-traditional data sources
  • New technologies and New Economics
  • New Insights
He points out that Microsoft because of Search, Email, and all thier other offerings they have over 700 PB's of DATA! 

Update 8:53

"We believe the Cloud is a hybrid work place.  You will want to keep things in your data center on the ground, and there are things you will want in the Cloud."   He just announced very slyly that they are MERGING the code base for the Cloud and Denali.  A move forward in that is SSRS in the Cloud, and features that they are delivering in Denali.
They are delivering in 3 area's
  • Mission Criticle Confidence
  • Breathrough insight
  • Cloud on your terms
Those 3 area's in Denali AlwaysOn for High Availability, Column Store Indexes for Denali first introduced in PowerPivot, Cresent which will be Power View in Denali.  Thoughts of the Cloud in what they do Juneau will be SQL Database Tools when Denali is released.

He points to some of the customers that have database's in production in Denali: Dell Pilot, Great Western Bank, and others.


Update 8:48

Ted is talking about what we will cover today, Denali and demos.

He is Thanking PASS for all we do to spread the word about SQL Server.  He points out that we offer over 400,000 Technical Hours, 79,000 Members, 300 Microsoft MVP's, and 233 SQL PASS Chapters.  This is the largest PASS Summit Ever!

"It's been a busy year since we last got together."  Yes it has.  Choice is a big theme, he is pointing out the advances made in releases for Hardware Devices like Parallel Data Warehouse, the releases in SQL Server 2008 SP 3, 2008 R2 SP 1, the Cloud, Azure Marketplace, Management Portal for SQL Azure.

Update 8:43

He is thanking Microsoft Dell, CA, EMC, Expressor, Fusion-IO, and HP for being sponsors for the Summit.  AND A BIG THANK YOU INDEED!  We have the largest collection of vendors ever at a PASS Summit.

We are talking about the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2 Book that has been on sale exclusively at the Summit.  Next week it opens up every where over 53 MVP's contributed to this.  One of the great things about this book is that the MVP's do not recieve a dime for this book.  Every penny spent goes to Operation Smile to provide dental work for children in 3rd world countries.  Great Cause.

Rushabh's rapping up now, and introducing Sr. Vice President of Business Development Platform Division Ted Kummert, he owns all the applications from the Database, Application, and the way they integrate.  From the Cloud to the Ground.

Ted said that SQL Server is the most widely adopted Database platform in the world, from Ground to Cloud.  Quick dig at Oracle who just hit the cloud, and Microsoft has been ther 18 months already.  Nice.

Update 8:38

A picture of our bloggers that are at the blogger table today is posted.  a lot of amazing people, Denny Cherry, Brent Ozar, Andy Warren, Jorge Segarra, just an amazin number of people.

I'll try to get the full list out later with links to thier blogs and twitter handles.

We are talking about Twitter and the way that we use that so heavily, some of the # Hashtags, or search terms that we have created.  

Right now he is posting information about the SQL CAT Team the clinic hours that they have open, and the different sessions that they have.  At PASS this year we have.
  • 93 MVP's
  • 11 MCM's
  • 57 Microsoft Employees
  • 11 SQL CAT Presentations

The importiance of Community and building connections has been a common theme throughout the Summit.  The First Timers Program and the session with Don Gabor (Awesome and I haven't done the recap yet), had over 800 people attend it yesterday evening until 8 pm.

Update 8:28

This year PASS has given 430,000 hours of free traing, we have 80,000 members and 1 Global Region.  The goal is to get to 1 Million hours of technical training, 250,000 members and 5 Global Regions.

To help achieve this goal 3 international Board of Director seats were added to help influence this from Denmark, Germany, and I missed the third.    PASS was a partner in SQL BITS in the UK and they felt that was a very large success.

Update 8:23

Rushabh Mehta the PASS President just took the stage.  Apparently Twitter is tipping over!

Rushabh is thanking the Board of Directors, the Committie members, and making sure we know these are the people that we should approach with ideas.

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