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Day 5: Thursday Summit Keynotes 2011, PRIVATE OLTP Cloud Appliance Announced!

Hello Again Dear Reader.   I'm at the Blogger's Table today!  The Keynote has started and I'll jump right in.

Update 9:55

We are discussing the Hybrid IT view that Microsoft is pushing.  The integration between all of their products and the Cloud is very apparent.  The code bases are merging, and this will only continue as we progress.

They want to streamline the UI tools, make it so all the products "Just Work" together.  This has been a very interesting Keynote.  Not as big as the announcements yesterday, but some subtle announcements that I think will have HUGE impact over the next couple years.

Quentin Thanks us and leaves the stage as we watch a video playing on the Appliances.  Now on to the Sessions!

Update 9:45

Nice demo the Azure Platform is being used to provide content for Samsung TV in order to have live web applications pushed down to your webenabled  TV's

Cihan Biyikoglu is taking the stage to talk about Federations for SQL Azure.  This allows the Sharding Patterns to be brought to SQL Azure.  This will allow us to access 100's of Nodes and scale out for large scale applications.

Example Blogs 'R' Us, and the unpridictable traffic and continously changing hardware requirements.  We can re-partition this on the fly. 

Hope you like the Windows phone 7.  Azure Market Place, Windows 8, all have a consolidted UI.  You can add capacity and re-align your Cloud Based Database Instances on the fly to support user patterns.  This is some very interesting stuff.

150 GB Azure Databases and Federation before the end of the year! 

Update 9:35

We have a lot of e-books on a drive, we have a full-text index set up on them using sematic search.  We are now getting a closer look at how quickly we can retrieve articles, and weight for returned terms.  This changes the way we will make internal searches for our Intranet Applications.  This is a very powerful tool for anyone looking to utilize that kind of functionallity to their companies internal network.

Next up Juneau & Optimized Productivity.  The goal is to unify deployment across Database & BI.  They just announced that there is a plug in to deploy the SQL Engine of Express Edition with .NET application code, within the same application deployment.

Now we are onto being able to Scale on Demand.  We are now going to get a Demo from Nicholas Dritsas Principal Program Manager for the SQL Server CAT Team on SQL Server Azure.   We are using SSMS 2012 to connect and deploy to SQL Azure.

There are differences in Azure between billing, size, and usage for Business and Web Editions.  For the Demo we are using Web Edition.  To Access this we can use the Web interface for Azure Manager, which Nicholas is demoing now.

We just got a Cloud Database opened in SSMS, the icon is slightly different very cool!  Backup and restore from the Cloud to your Datacenter!?  Yep, just announced.

Update 9:25

This is a game changer, Pragmatic Works, Verizon, and Accenture are all early adoptors.  Deep dive on this appliance right after the Keynote.  I just changed the session I'll be attending.

PDW's performance is imporving why?  Because it uses a Rules based Optimizer, where as the rest of SQL Uses a cost based optimizer.  Dr. David Dewitt has been helping them impliment a Cost Based Optimizer.  Big changes are a-comming.

They just announced Linnux driver support for SQL Server 2012.  Change Data Capture for ETL from Oracle to SQL Server 2012 and support for that is now announced!

We are now getting a Demo for semantic search.

Update 9:12

To discuss SQL Server Appliances Britt from the product team is coming up on stage.   To figure out the best black box to create.  We are now taking a look at the Dell Parrallel Data Warehouse.  We are discussing the way queries are Hashed and sent to Compute Nodes, accross multiple nodes and over 450 Cores.

We are also looking at the HP PDW machine.  With multiple racks this system can handle over 700 TB's of data.  We are looking at the HP Business Decision Appliance that comes pre-built with Sharepoint.  I've seen this first hand it takes 4 clicks to have up and running.  It is amazing.

We were just introduced to the HP Consolidating Appliance, it will be available in the next month.  This is the first Private Cloude appliance available on the market.  400 Disk Drives, 4 TB of RAM, over 300 cores.  This is a beast!

Update 9:07

We have cleansed our data and pushed the clean data back into the Date warehouse.  Now we reload the report and it only takes 1 second.  It was amazing the difference.

Now we are discussing Data Alerts in Reporting Services.  We pick our big customers, we pick customers that are over 1.5 million dollars in gross sales, every 1 day so we can send out Thank You's.

Now we are discussing Organizational Compliance.   The two bullets are Expanded Audit aka User defined Audits, Filtering and User-defined Server Roles.  This allows you to seperate DBA rights, from Auditing components.  

Now we are talking about Peace of Mind, Production-simulated Application Testing, using System Center for monitoring.

Update 8:57

We are about to get a demo for Data Quality Services.  It looks like we may get a ColumnStore Demo after all.

We get a view of a web application, the users are complaining about the performance.  It took about 30 Seconds to load.

Now we are creating a ColumnStore Index to fix performance.  But there is a still data issue.  For that we will be using Data Quality Services.  DQS uses Knowledge Bases in order to cleanse your data, you can create your own, or you can go to the Azure Marketplace and get a Knowledge Base to cleanse your record.  A quick example you may want to use is Address CASSing.

Update 8:52

Next up is Blazing-Fast Performance.   We have enhancements in RDBMs, SSAS, SSIS, and ColumnStore Indexes.  Quentin is now talking about the use of Vertipaq Compression, and how it is the backbone of ColumnStore Indexes.  You see that in place PowerPivot, and it will now be in SSAS and in the SQL Engine for use.

ColumnStore's will be treated as an additional Index type.  ColumnStore will always be a Non-Clustered Index.

Now we have moved on to Rapid Data Exploration, PowerView + PowerPivot, Administration through Sharepoint, and Reporting Alerts in Cresent/PowerView.   Self-Service BI and empowering the users are theme of this.

Now we are onto the BI Semantic Model, this is the model that actually runs for PowerView/Cresent and that PowerPivot utilizes.   We are now discussing Data Quality Services, next up Master Data Services.

Update 8:47

The Availability Group is completed, and the Dashboard is pulled up so you can see they way it is managed.  It integrates Policy Based Mangement to determine and display the health of the AlwaysOn Availability Groups.

Paul is now ebabling the 3 Active Secondaries, and enabling Read Only Secondaries, and showing how in an SSRS report he can set Application intent so the report would automatically go to the read only secondaries effectively offloading the read activtey for reporting with a couple click's.

Update 8:42

Bob is discussing their mission critical application that covers all the in's and out's (litterally) of their orginization.  And how essential it is to their company, and to governments.  Because they communicate with the Port Authority for each country, other wise an outage can backup ports all over the world.

Paul from the Product Management Team for SQL Server is invited to the Stage to tell us about the technical solution that Mediterranean has in Production. 

Paul is showing us a datacenter in NJ, and a particular SQL 2012 Instance running multiple database.  He's setting up an Avaiability Group between New Jersey and New York.    New Jersey is the Primary and New York the secondary, (not in real life). 
Update 8:37

Quentin said this is the largest release ever for SQL Server.   He cannot talk about all of the different features so he is picking his favorites. 
  • Required 9s & Protection (Always On)
  • Blazing-Fast Performance (Column Store)
  • Rapid Data Exploration (Data Explorer)
  • Managed Self-Service BI
He is discussing the architecture of AlwaysOn with Availability Groups.  Bob Erickson Executive VP from Mediterranean Shipping Company in over 142 Countries, over 184 Vessles in their fleet.  They are the #1 for Import and Export in the US and #2 in the World.

Update 8:32

Quentin Clark Corporate Vice President of SQL Server for the Microsoft takes the Stage.   He recaping the way that SQL 2012 fits into the overall dataplatform Vision that Microsoft has, that was discussed by Ted yesterday.

The Vision
  • Any Data, Any Size, Anywhere
  • Connecting with the World's Data
  • Immersive Experiences Whereever You Are
Foundation for the Future
  • Mission critical Confidence
  • Breakthrough Insight
  • Cloud on Your Terms

Update 8:27

Bill is reviewing the budget numbers for PASS.   They have started a feedbacksite for PASS and are taking suggestions.  The PASS Elections are comming up. 

Bill introduces Quentin Clark our Microsoft Keynote Speaker.   A video is showing of attendees talking about what we've learned and what we are hoping to bring back from the Summit.

Update 8:22

Lori Edwards was just announced as our PASSion Award Winner for 2011.   Great job Lori!!!

Update 8:17

Bill Graziano takes the stage today is SQL Kilt day.  Bill says Hi to his Mom and Dad that are watching, he had the SQL Kilt wearers.

We are recognizing Outstanding Volunteers.

Tim Radney

Jack Corbett

Both are amazing men and I'll need to come back and write more later about this.

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