Monday, July 18, 2011

MagicPASS This Week!

The MagicPASS SQL Server User Group, SSUG in Celebration Fl, is meeting this Wednesday July 20th  and Dear Reader do we have a treat in store for you!  MVP & MCM 2008 Maciej Pilecki will be with us.   This is a wonderful opportunity to come out and meet some friends, or catch up with old ones in the SQL Community.    Also come see a top notch speaker, and up your SQL Learning!  

Normally you would only see someone like this at a Confrence, or if you are paying for some training.  Don't miss a chance to visit with one of the 87, currently, MCM's outside of Microsoft.  Here’s our speaker’s Bio:

Maciej Pilecki
Maciej Pilecki (Twitter: @DrHouseOfSQL) is a SQL Server Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Senior Consultant with Project Botticelli. He has many years of international experience in Microsoft SQL Server database development, optimization and troubleshooting. He spends most of his time travelling around the world either advising his many customers on how to improve performance and reliability of their databases, or sharing the lessons learned with conference and user group audiences worldwide, where he is a popular and highly rated speaker. His favourite topics are the internals of the SQL Server database engine, including: SQLOS, Storage Engine and Query Optimizer and Performance Tuning
Maciej what is the topic you will be presenting on?

SQL Server Execution Plans - From Compilation To Caching To Reuse

Summary: Execution plan reuse is one of the most important aspects of building well-performing and scalable SQL Server solutions. But it’s also the one that is often overlooked during the design phase and becomes very difficult to troubleshoot later. In this session we will discuss in details the following aspects of SQL Server execution plans: compilation, re-compilation, parameterization, caching, reuse and aging. You will leave this session with full understanding of how to improve your server’s performance by increasing execution plan reuse (or how to avoid reuse in case this is necessary).

If you are interested in coming this Wednesday Here is a link to the MagicPASS website, and or to register CLICK HERE to go to the eventbrite page.  We’ll be starting the meeting at 5:00 pm, but the main event doesn’t begin until 6:30 pm.

“But Balls”, you say “I can’t make it at 5.”

No Worries Dear Reader, most people cannot.  We’ve got the room for the entire time and our fearless leader Kendal Van Dyke (@SQLDBA | Blog) will be showing a PASS presentation from Summit 2010 for those who can.  A lot of people will be arriving up and till 6:30, so don’t let the time stop you.

“But Balls”, you say “I’ll have to grab some dinner, I don’t know the area….”

Not to Worry Dear Reader, Dinner will be provided so make sure to RSVP so we have an accurate count of who to buy food for.  The meeting will be on the main Campus of Stetson University in beautiful Celebration FL, Here is the address for your GPS  Stetson University Center 800 Celebration Ave Celebration, FL 34747 or CLICK HERE for the Google Map.

The Meeting will cost you only your time and the gas to get here.  A Free dinner, a show, and a Microsoft Certified Master, you can't beat that kind of deal!

 I hope to see you at the meeting!




  1. Maciej Pilecki is my favorite speaker. I saw his "dude, where's my memory?" presentation at PASS a couple years ago and was blown away. Was able to have a couple beers with him afterwards as well. A very cool guy.

    I wish I was going to this.

  2. Maciej did a phenomenal Job! I took about 10 pages of notes and have a great blog planned, first up I've got some SQL Saturday 85 details to get out. But I'll have it up sometime next week. :)

  3. I'm jealous. Look forward to the post.