Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SQL Saturday 85 Schedule Released!

Hello Dear Reader, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived the Schedule for SQL Saturday 85 is now available online!  Click Here to see our AMAZING lineup!   I have a graphic of the schedule below but trust me the one on the website is much easier to read.

Tim Ford (@sqlagentman | blog) recently did a really awesome advertisement for SQL Saturday #84 in Kalamazoo Michigan, the week before ours and with a very talented lineup as well!  As a matter of fact if you are in the Michigan area you should plan on attending!  I think of what Tim did as SQL By The Numbers.  And they were some pretty impressive numbers.  And it made me curious, as to what our numbers are as well.

There was a lot of work that went into the schedule, on the part of the Speakers.   Your career is a culmination of what you have accomplished so far.  And so far our Speakers have done some pretty darn impressive things.

“So Balls,” you say, “Stop talking and show us these numbers”

Without further ado I give you SQL Saturday 85 by the numbers.

42 Sessions
21 Current & former PASS Speakers
21 Sessions presented by PASS Summit Speakers
13 Tracks at this year’s Summit
13 Tracks Presented by MVP's
9 2011 PASS Summit Speakers
9 Microsoft SQL Server MVP's
7 Tracks
2 Sessions by a Microsoft Certified Master
1 SSAS Maestros Instructor
1 Microsoft Certified Master

Wow can you believe that lineup!  I'm so excited for this event I can hardly contain it.  All we need is one more very important number.

The most important number not listed Dear Reader is you!  We’ve got a wonderful line up, a FREE day of training, that would normally go for HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars.  What are you waiting for Sign Up Today by Registering HERE. 

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be breaking this out even more.  Each of those numbers represents a significant amount of time, learning, and expertise on the part of our Speakers, and help to make SQL Saturday 85 in Orlando a Top Notch Event.  Over the next couple weeks we will be breaking down these numbers a little more.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in Orlando in September!



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