Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buck Woody, Florida, and SQL Saturday 85

What do Buck Woody (Blog|@BuckWoody) and Florida have in common?  Quite a bit actually, and on September 23rd , at the Lake Mary Marriot, we will add to that list.  Buck Woody, Mr. “The Cloud”, will be presenting on SQL Server Performance Tuning Using Application Path Analysis and it will be AWESOME!

“So Ball’s”, you say “Who is this Buck Woody fellow?”

Buck along with this Brent Ozar (Blog | @BrentO ) fellow had the number 2 ranked session at the PASS Summit last year, You’re Not Attractive But Your Presentations Can Be.  He was a featured presenter on the Quest Virtual Training for SQL Server Series, he has published 5 different SQL Server Books, had over 400 SQL Articles published, he was the President of the Tampa Bay SQL Server User Group for 5 years, a Microsoft MVP, and if you are on Twitter you see that Buck Woody and the Cloud are often mentioned in the same breath. 

Buck has a deep knowledge that comes from being where we are in the real world as a consumer of software products.  He joined Microsoft in 2006 a year after receiving his MVP award for SQL Server.  He brings the same “Real World” DBA sensibilities with a Dash of Microsoft Gusto that you would expect in one of the top names in the industry.

And by name alone he is a candidate to join Jack Corbett (Blog | @unclebiguns) in our future law firm of Biguns & Balls as a full partner.

So now let’s talks some details.
SQL Server Performance Tuning Using Application Path Analysis
There are a lot of resources, products and features you can use to tune the performance of your SQL Server system. Many assume you’re familiar with 400-level concepts, others don’t consider the whole stack of the client, the network, the operating system, platform and the database server. Buck Woody, Microsoft’s real-world DBA, will explain a simple, repeatable process you can follow to tune your entire application – from the client to the server. All of the tools we’ll cover are included with Windows and SQL Server:

·         Using Windows System Monitoring Tools
·         The SQL Profiler and Server Trace
·         Database Engine Tuning Advisor
·         Management Data Warehouse / Data Collector
·         Performance and Configuration Reports
·         The new Activity Monitor
·         Dynamic Management Views and System Views
·         Query Plans
·         Extended Events
·         Resource Governor

In this pre-conference session you’ll cover not only the process, but also review a real-world evaluation. You’ll take home a system and a spreadsheet you can use to monitor and tune your applications, in a simple, easy-to-understand session.


For this full day of training, Coffee & tea during the morning and afternoon, with lunch included as well.  All of this Dear Reader for a very Reasonable $99. 

So you may be asking how do I sign up?  Very simple go over to all of the information is there.  Hope to see you at the event!  ( And Buck Does Too!)


As Awesome as Buck is, there is only so much of him that can go around.  So we wanted to offer 2 Pre-cons for SQL Saturday 85 this year.  I’ll be blogging about this more soon but right now head over to my friend Shawn McGehee’s  (Blog | @SQLShawn) post Pre-Con Speaker Wanted: Apply Within to get some more details ASAP about how you can come and be a Pre-Con Speaker as well!



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